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ID Slot Punches - ID Card Punch - Slot Badge Puncher P-10 P ... ID Slot punches are used for cutting slots in ID badges for adding a lanyard or strap clip. Definition of a Slot Punch: A slot puncher (known also as a hole punch, pvc puncher, rectangle punch) is a common office tool that is used to create slots in pvc cards.

Slot Punch- Slot Punches Busy? Safe-Card ID Services provides the perfect slot punch. Call us toll free at +1 888.485.4696. Custom ID Badges Online - XpressID ID badges - custom photo ID cards and ID badges maker, low cost and professional service. It can brand companies and events, boost staff morale and can ultimately lead to increased.

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Slot Punches | Full-service identification and security… Hand-Held Slot Punch - Quickly and easily punch slots in your ID cards. Genuine part number 3943-1000 (P-11) Slot punches are ideal for cutting precise holes into ID cards for easy-to-wear badge attachments such as strap clips, lanyards and badge reels. Hand Held Slot Punch for ID Cards/Badges | Save on the Hand held slot punch. This hand held slot punch is designed to created slots to connect a lanyard to ID Cards/Badges or plastic cards. It creates holes that are 1/2 in. Do You Need a Slot Punch for Your ID Badges? When thinking of printing ID badges, slot punches aren't what first comes to mind. Though, not one of the flashier parts of printing, they're essential.

The Stapler Style Slot Punch (part number 80105), is a 3-in-1 style ID Slot Punch. While the past two products had one punch head each, this model provides three different punch heads in its design. In addition, you can punch holes, slots, and round corners in your ID cards and badges thanks to these additional heads.

Slot punches, sometimes referred to as slot hole punches or badge punches, are used on ID cards or ID badges so that they can be worn with ID accessories like lanyards, badge holders, badge reels and strap clips. ID card slot punches are available in many styles, from basic handheld or desktop punches to foot pedal-operated electronic punches ... : Badge Hole Slot Punch for ID Cards Hand Held ... : Badge Hole Slot Punch for ID Cards Hand Held, One Slot Puncher, 15mm x 3mm Hole, No Burrs Holes, Metal Hole Punch for ID Cards, Badge Holes, 1 MM PVC Cards, Luggage Tags, Credentials : Identification Badges : Office Products IDville ID Badge Slot Punch | Staples

Badge Hole Punch. At eXpress badging we offer a wide range of accessories for your ID badge system to more efficiently create ID cards. Our ID supplies allow ...

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Slot Punches. Choose your slot punch from the wide variety carried by ID Card Group, from a cheap hand-held punch to an industrial slot punch machine. All varieties will punch a slot or hole in your plastic badge - so it can hang from a badge strap clip, lanyard or reel - and will give you reliable service for years to come.

Pointman ID Badge Printers. Pointman Nuvia N10 ID Card Printer; Pointman Nuvia N20 ID Card Printer; Fargo ID Badge Printers. Fargo DTC1250e Card Printer; ... Home / ID Cards / ID Card Slot Punches ID Card Slot Punches. SKU: 3943-1010. Hand Held Slot Punch With Guide $ 72.00; SKU: 3943-1000. Hand Held Slot Punch Without Guide $ 58.00; Slot Punches | Punch holes for ID Cards and Badges - IdentiSys

Slot punches simply punch a hole in your ID card allowing you to attach your card easily to a lanyard, clip, or badge reel. Choose the best slot punch style based on your card volume and application Slot Punch