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Aperture coupled . Wide-Band Micro Strip Antenna Design -Srivatsa Bhargava J (4610-510-081-05891) MTech , CEDT, IISc Bangalore. Aim: Parametric Study, design and implementation of single patch, wide band Aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna for 2GHz frequency range. Abstract: Microstrip patch antennas are well suited for integration in to many Optimization of Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patch Antennas

The aperture-coupled configuration 1 also provides the advantage of isolating spurious feed radiation by using a common ground plane.In this article, an L-shaped probe-fed, U-slot patch antenna with a coil element is studied. The L-shaped probe feed is used to enhance the impedance matching, which... Aperture Coupled Stacked Microstrip Antenna Array An aperture coupled feeding technique with rectangular slots has been used to ensure equal coupling to each radiating slots.Apart from the advantages provided by the microstrip antenna, one disadvantage to be overcome is low bandwidth. Bandwidth Optimization of Aperture-Coupled Stacked Patch… The microstrip antennas have been one of the most innovative fields of antenna techniques for the last three decades.The microstripline-fed printed slot and the aperture coupled patch are examples of the latter type and may be useful in certain planar array applications [2]. HFSS - Slot/Aperture coupled Feeding - YouTube

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Size Reduction and Bandwidth Enhancement of Aperture Coupled ... The development of an aperture-coupled microstrip antenna using a meander line slot has been described. The use of a meander line slot loaded to the antenna patch in the proposed antenna configuration has been investigated and shows various advantages. It not only reduces the antenna dimension by the factor of 36%, but also widens Wideband Microstrip Antenna Design - arXiv aperture-coupled microstrip antenna (ACMSA) has been seen to achieve remarkably high bandwidths of nearly 70% with gain up to 8-9 dB [2]. The design of an ACMSA will be demonstrated as detailed in [3]. The following performance characteristics have been achieved: Center frequency f c = 575 MHz Antenna bandwidth BW = 250 MHz 2818 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 53 ...

The antenna with single-slot gives 170MHz bandwidth, while X-slot antenna provides 200MHz. Keywords-Circular Polarization, microstrip patch, X-shape slot

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Micro strip Patch Antenna and its Applications: a Survey Micro strip Patch Antenna and its Applications: a Survey . Indrasen Singh, Dr. V.S. Tripathi . Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad . erindrasen@gmail.com . Abstract. The study of microstrip patch antennas has made great progress in recent years. Compared with conventional antennas, microstrip patch antennas have Thin-Membrane Aperture-Coupled L-Band Patch Antenna Figure 1. Configuration of thin-membrane aperture-coupled microstrip antenna. The T/R module will be connected to the CPW side of the feed. Figure 2. Photograph of the two membranes; left shows the microstrip line and the aperture-coupling slot, right shows the L-band patch. The aperture slot is on the

Bandwidth Optimization of Aperture-Coupled Stacked Patch ... Permittivity and thickness are equally important for bandwidth antenna. The analysis of the antenna was done by the usage of IE3D - Zeland Software (method of moments - MoM). The method has been applied to the microstrip-fed slot antenna and to the aperture coupled antenna with a good result when compared with measured data. Coupling Effects of Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna and slot is chosen and tuned perfectly, it gives an optimum impedance bandwidth with an improved radiation pattern. Keywords—:-microstrip antennas,aperture,coupling I. I.INTRODUCTION Aperture coupling is an indirect method of feeding the patch. Aperture coupled microstrip antenna couples the patch antenna with microstripline through an ... Slot Microstrip Antenna for 2.4GHz RFID Reader Application respectively. By using the strip and slot, the proposed antenna deals properly with frequency shift for real application when embedded inside a handheld reader. V. CONCLUSION Thus the slot microstrip antenna was designed.The antenna shows good performance at 2.4GHz. Antenna gain, directivity, efficiency and return loss are measured. ANALYSIS OF DUAL-POLARIZED APERTURE-COUPLED MICROSTRIP ...